Hi, I'm Ashley!

I have been photographing beautiful couples and families such as yourselves for six years, but I have had a love for photography since I was just eleven years old! My first subject was my baby brother, and he is still one of my favorite subjects today!

While I love experimenting with film, tilt lenses, and other creative effects for my personal work, my true love is capturing authentic expressions and emotions for my clients in epic locations with beautiful, natural light.

More About Me

I am a somehow both a homebody and adventure-lover all at once, and am truly blessed to be able to indulge both of these tendencies. I spend most days with my daughters, husband, dog, and cat at our home in Germany, but occasionally venture out on epic European adventures, including skydiving over medieval Bavaria, snowboarding in the Alps, and cliff jumping in Croatia!

My day-to-day passions include strength training, running, cycling, hiking, eating desserts (because balance!), studying different languages for fun, reading Jane Austen and other classic literature on repeat, and painting! Oh- and did I mention photography?