It's been a while, and a lot has happened.

I have moved, like, 2.5 times. From Germany to Maine, Maine to Virginia for a time, and finally, Maine to Kansas. Our whole family is now settled in at Fort Riley, Kansas, and we've grown by one pet- a beautiful fish named Benny the Betta.

I completed one year of a master's-level Social Work program! Including a year-long clinical social work internship at a community mental health clinic.

I accepted a position with the Army Survivor Outreach Services Program as a Support Coordinator. I am so excited to get settled into this new role!

I went to Tanzania on a life-changing service learning trip. I was introduced to several community development programs, including a girls' secondary school being constructed on Ukerewe Island. This rural, isolated island is home to a large population of vulnerable girls. Girls on Ukerewe are at risk for sex trafficking, sexual assault, contraction of HIV/AIDS, early unintended pregnancy, child marriage, and discontinued education due to lack of resources/geographic isolation. Tumaini Jipya (New Hope) Girls' School is a boarding school being constructed right now, with a projected opening date of January 2023. This school is so important to the community and very much needed, but still requires funding from donors to make this happen! and that brings me to my latest change...

I've decided to take clients again! I've missed having clients, I have missed photography as a creative outlet, and I have found a way to use my passion for photography to give back. I will be scheduling a series of mini sessions this summer and, in lieu of a session fee to the photographer, session slots will be reserved with a minimum donation to ROCKids Tanzania—the US-based organization partnering with the Ukerewe community in constructing the school. Through ROCK International, 100% of your donations go straight to construction and other school-related costs with NO overhead. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is looking for a way to fight against sex trafficking, child marriage, and/or gender-based violence but wants to be sure that all of the money is going to the intended recipients.

For those of you in Manhattan, KS and the surrounding area, I cannot wait to work with you. I am excited to provide the same professional, high-quality services I have given all of my previous clients, with the added benefit of supporting Tumaini Jipya Secondary School for Girls, together! For any previous clients living elsewhere in the US and around the world, please tell your Kansas friends!